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Whether for individuals or teams, for executives or staff, Pi Innovation offers training modules that can help improve cross-functional team performance and deliver bottom-line results.


Training can be tailored specifically to the needs of the individual or organization for maximum impact.


Current courses available:



Product Development Strategy

  • Fit NPD strategy and organizational culture

  • Strategic analysis framework

  • Degree of openness approach

  • NPD strategy classification

  • Platform theory and practice

  • Strategic roadmapping

  • Intellectual property strategy

  • Change management

NPD Management

  • Project portfolio management

  • Project processes – Phase/Gate, Lean, Agile

  • Measuring performance

  • Tracking and control systems

  • Goods versus services

Fuzzy Front End

  • Sources of information

  • Market research

  • Ideation

  • Marrying technology to market needs

  • Evaluation

Organization Management

  • Individuals

  • Project team structure

  • Corporate structure for Innovation

  • Managing across functions

  • Communication

Personal Management

  • Mindfulness for innovation

  • Rewiring your brain

  • Developing the habits of an innovator

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